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Pantry Organization

With spring right around the corner like Kathleen Kelly’s little bookstore, the pantry needed some cleaning out. We have been stocking up on nonperishables and throwing them into the pantry without much thought. No surprise here but it made it difficult to actually see what we had and what needed restocking. Bonus, the kiddos would try to climb the shelves to get to things that had been put up too high. Needless to say, it is time to reorganize this thing.

We already have some cute containers and because I don’t feel like spending more money I’m workin’ with what we have. I do want to make it as cute as possible but it is the inside of a closet after all. EASY ACCESS. FUNCTION.

There is a kitchen rule (“there more like guidelines than actual rules”) that the items you need while cooking should be no more than two steps away. My stove is to the left of the pantry and having the spices here on the door is the perfect place for them. Exactly two steps! Go me!

Healthy-ish snacks like cereal, crackers, and granola bars are more visible here than on the bottom shelf in the pantry where I’ve stashed the unhealthy ones.

Paper towels and extra baking supplies adorn the top shelf. We bake A LOT in this house and these guys just can’t quite fit into our baking cupboard.

The shelf with all the jars is probably my favorite. Not only does it look pretty but food just lasts so much longer in glass containers. Everything looks more appealing and is much easier to see this way. You know exactly how much rice you have rather than digging for the bag that’s hanging in the back of the pantry.

Having the cans organized is obviously handy. I had no idea that we had 6 cans of sweet peas. Whoops.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Is it Pinterest-worthy? Heck no! But it works for our family until we have to revisit it again.

Bye y’all!

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