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Seed Starters

The seeds are flourishing!

This is our first year growing anything from seeds and so far things are going really well. It didn’t take long for these annuals to come up and the time to move them into bigger containers is quickly approaching.

I was so happy to FINALLY see the rosemary pop up. Could it be that because its foliage is hardier it takes longer for it to grow? Whatever the reason, it seems to be doing alright.

BASIL. I have not had much success with growing basil in pots so I’m hoping for the best with these seed starters because I LOVE BASIL!

I love basil on bruschetta, I love it on pizza! I love to take basil and put a little bit in my hair when I’ve had a rough week. What do you think holds it up, slick? (Wedding Crashers)

Yesterday I felt like these guys needed some air so I removed the dome tops for the day and some of them got a bit dry.

Spring is coming and I’m eager to get things in the garden. For now, everyone seems to be enjoying their current home by the dining room window.

Bye y’all!

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